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Moving Guide

Complete Moving Guide from Preparation, Packing, Transporting & Unpacking!!

A smart Moving guide would help you to plan your move in a less stressful way. Relocating activity generally takes time for a month and need professional assistance. Here is the complete list of moving guide to help you with useful tips.


There are so many things to prepare before relocating home.

- set up mail forwarding

- disconnecting and change over utilities

- Arranging packing supplies like boxes, tapes, bubble wraps and so on.

Preparation is a time-consuming and detailed task, but it will make your move significantly simpler and less tedious.


Room wise packing is an ideal way to start packing home.

- Start with the Kitchen. Segregate the kitchen tools and gadgets first then get it packed in separate packing boxes.

- Books in the reading room can be packed in beer boxes having handles. As these boxes are sturdy in nature and easily bear the weight of the books.

- Coming to living room, carefully pack all the delicate show pieces, wall hangings and flower vase in bubble wraps. Place them inside cartons and fill in the in between space with old socks or clothes.

- While packing your bed room cabinets, it is better to keep items in each drawer separately in different polythene.

- It is wise to write down all the inventory packed inside each box and get it stick on it.

- Cover sofa set with old bed sheets or curtains and prevent it from dust and scratches.

Transporting Inventory

After packing your household items, the next big step is to transport goods and items.

- Hire a reputed Packers and Movers for transporting your goods safely.

- Reputed moving companies have great number of trucks in various sizes to move your goods at a one go without shuttling.

- They also provide good insurance coverage and offset the loss of valuable goods in case of eventualities.

- Renowned Packers and Movers have great network of transportation all across India and abroad as well. They can offer transport facility via road ways, railways, sea ways or air ways.

- Get your automobiles moved by four wheelers or two wheelers carrier services.

Moving In

If you have taken time and botheration while preparing and packing then unpacking will not be a difficult task for you.

- Start with assembling furniture

- Cleaning and Dusting of furniture

- Arranging them in proper place

- Unpack room wise boxes and set each room first. You can start with either kitchen or bedroom and living room in the end.

- Take extra care for potted plants and pets (if you have)