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Moving Checklist

Essential Moving Checklists to Follow while Moving!!

Moving home or office is a great task. It needs meticulous planning in advance. Here are some tips for moving checklists:

1. Visit every room of your house or office and decide what you need to keep and discard. Also consider if any goods need special packing supplies.

2. De-clutter your house by donating unwanted clothing, furniture and other household goods (bedding, pots, pans, dishes) to the charities in the town.

3. Start looking for professional Packers & movers in your city. Contact them over e-mails or phone but take quotes after onsite investigation. Insist estimated costs details in writing from Packers and Movers. Always hire certified and licensed moving company.

4. Create a moving diary and keep everything in record- all estimated quotations, receipts and inventory of all moving items.

5. If you are shifting home in a different locality, then don’t forget to inform post master, your kid’s school/colleges and all utility service providers.

6. Arrange cartons and packing materials like tape, Bubble Wrap, and permanent markers in advance. Also order special containers for moving dish barrels and wardrobe boxes.

7. Start using up stuffs that you don’t want to move on the relocation date like frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies.

8. While moving home, clean and defrost refrigerator a night before relocating home.

9. Take measurements of the new rooms and note down their dimensions. Make sure large furniture get fit through the door.

10. One month before the moving date select packers & movers and confirm their arrangements.

11. One week prior to move, start packing the things that are not in use very frequently. When packing, keep a note of special value goods that require additional insurance from the Packing and Moving Company.

12. Clearly label and number each moving cartons and boxes with its contents.

13. You can also segregate & pack the items according to room it’s destined for. This would help you at the time of unpacking. Pack and label important boxes of items you might need right away at your new place.

14. Keep valuable items like jewelry and important documents to a safe box. Transport this safe box personally in your private vehicle.

15. If you have potted plants and pets then take special care while moving them. They may be sensitive to new climate and new place.

16. Things to be kept handy on the moving date are medical kit, Torch light, old newspapers, dusters, credit card, insurance documents, and instant snacks.